Emergency Dentistry Highland, IN

Fast walk-in dentistry

No one plans on a dental emergency happening. Whether your teeth are injured in a sporting or recreational activity, or chipped from something you ate, Smile Zone Dental has dentists ready to help you get the care you need fast.

If a dental emergency happens you must see us immediately. Not only will you minimize the pain and discomfort that the emergency will have caused but you can prevent additional damage and minimize the risk of infection.

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is an unplanned damage or injury to your teeth, gums, or jawline. Most emergencies happen suddenly, such as a crack, split or damage to the teeth. If the emergency causes moderate or severe pain, difficulty chewing or talking you must call our offices immediately.

Our dentists are on standby to provide walk-in emergency services at a moment’s notice. If you’re experiencing anything we listed above, call our offices now!

Can I go to the ER for a dental emergency?

Generally, it is not recommended. Especially for localized damage to a tooth. Most emergency rooms do not have dentists on call, or even the services to provide dental care. As such you may find yourself waiting longer and not receiving the care you need. There are, of course, exceptions. If you or a family member has sustained serious head trauma it is important to be seen in the ER. While the dental needs certainly cannot be neglected, serious head trauma may involve deeper injury to the brain that Emergency Rooms are equipped to handle.

If you’re suffering from an unplanned dental emergency call Smile Zone Dental immediately.

If you’ve suffered an unexpected dental emergency to your teeth, gums, or jawline, call the offices of Smile Zone Dental immediately. We offer same day walk-in emergency dental services that can provide fast relief and healing. If you are unable to talk or chew normally because of a sudden injury, visit us today!