Teeth Extractions Highland, IN

Gentle teeth extractions

No one likes having a tooth pulled, but unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary. Smile Zone Dental will do everything we can to avoid removing a tooth, but if a tooth is damaged, suffering from a significant infection, or is impacted and causing severe pain, removal is necessary.

For most single tooth extractions, we can numb the surgical site with an anesthetic, most commonly, Novocain. Most extractions are relatively quick. However, in some instances where a more in-depth surgery may be required, we offer in-office sedation for your comfort.

Complete wisdom teeth extraction

The most common, multi tooth extraction Smile Zone Dental undertakes is either a partial or full wisdom teeth removal. Typically, wisdom teeth develop during the teenage years. Due to an evolutionary shortening of the human jawline, there is typically less room for wisdom teeth to grow in. If the wisdom teeth become impacted or misalign, they can cause severe pain and common infections. If that happens your doctor will recommend a full or partial removal of the wisdom teeth.

Full wisdom teeth removal is commonly done under general anesthesia. It is recommended to allow for a full day of recovery afterward. Your doctor will provide additional instructions for care and healing based upon your overall health.

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Don’t let tooth pain prevent you from living your best life. If you have impacted, infected or misaligning wisdom teeth we can remove them quickly, and with minimal pain. Our friendly dentists provide a relaxing, and comfortable environment. Call Smile Zone Dental today!