Restorative Dentistry

If you have lost some or all your teeth through an accident, or through tooth decay, Smile Zone Dental wants you to know that we have options that will save your smile. Our primary goal is to do everything we can to preserve your teeth, but sometimes that might not always be an option.

If it is necessary to remove a tooth there are options to replace it that will seamlessly integrate with your existing teeth. We offer high-quality dental implants, porcelain veneers, bridge, and crown work, and more.

We also offer partial and complete dentures that can replace the teeth that were lost. Losing teeth does not have to be the end of your beautiful smile. Our restorative dental services are seamless, you will be able to laugh, chew, and talk without pain or difficulty after you experience our restorative dental services.

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Bone & Gum

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If you’ve suffered an unexpected dental emergency to your teeth, gums, or jawline, call the offices of Smile Zone Dental immediately. We offer same day walk-in emergency dental services that can provide fast relief and healing. If you are unable to talk or chew normally because of a sudden injury, visit us today!