Dental Exam & Cleaning Highland, IN

Beautiful smiles start here

Keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth healthy is as simple as scheduling a dental exam and keeping a regular cleaning schedule. Smile Zone Dental provides regular dental checkups that provide deep cleaning to your teeth and examinations that will highlight trouble spots.

What can I expect during my hygiene visit?

It is our goal to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. If we do not have your x-rays on file, we will take one to get a complete picture of your dental health. After that, we will manually look over your teeth in greater detail. Cleaning will remove plaque buildup and other deposits that can erode or damage your teeth. We will also provide a deep cleaning and fluoride treatment.

How long does a cleaning take

No more than an hour. Many cleanings can be completed in under a half-hour if there are no x-rays involved and trouble spots. If you brush and floss regularly at home, it minimizes the amount of cleaning that we need to do.

How often do I need to do a dental cleaning?

We recommend that you schedule a cleaning every six months.

Will teeth cleaning help treat my gum disease?

Cleaning and brushing your teeth will prevent further infection and inflammation of the gum lines. While routine cleaning is not enough to cure your gum disease, your dentist will recommend a treatment plan for your gums.

Do I need to take an antibiotic before my cleaning?

No. Antibiotics are only available with a prescription from a doctor and are not recommended before your cleaning. We also provide a sterile and clean environment during your appointment and a fluoride treatment to kill germs in your mouth. Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics has greatly contributed to the rise of superbugs. You should only take an antibiotic if you have a prescription and under recommendation from a doctor or dentist.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?

Smile Zone Dental accepts most insurance providers, and routine cleaning is covered under most plans. Call us if you have further questions.

What other questions should I ask?

There are no dumb questions. If you have any questions about the who, what, where, when, or why of your dental care, do not hesitate to ask. Helping you understand the essentials of dental care will help you maintain a healthy smile all the days of your life.

Schedule Your Free Dental Cleaning Exam in Highland

Don’t forget to keep your appointment for a dental cleaning and exam. We provide a comfortable environment. We will examine your teeth for trouble spots and provide plaque removal. Staying on top of regular exams is the best way to prevent cavities and other diseases. We accept most dental providers. Schedule an appointment today!