Oral Surgery Highland, IN

Compassionate dental surgery

Oral surgery is sometimes a necessary part of effective dental health care. Smile Zone Dental’s goal is to do everything to preserve your existing teeth. However, sometimes it is not always possible. If you need to undergo surgery, our warm and welcoming dentists will do everything to keep you comfortable, relaxed, and minimize pain.

When do I need oral surgery?

Anytime the treatment requires removal of diseased tissue, teeth, or bone. Typically, this is done when the condition impacts multiple teeth or a significant part of your jawline. As an example, if it is deemed necessary to extract a single tooth, which can usually be done with a simple appointment, we will numb the area around the tooth and remove it. It usually only takes minutes.

However, if we need to remove multiple teeth, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, we may need to schedule surgery.

Oral surgery may also be required to treat periodontal disease and the treatment and removal of oral cancer.

The most common types of oral surgery are:

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Sometimes oral surgery is necessary to correct and remove problem areas, eliminate pain, and restore your award-winning smile. Our offices provide oral surgery for tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, oral cancer surgery, bone grafting, and corrective jaw surgery. Ignoring problem areas won’t fix them. Call our office today!